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Set up Worldwide intelligent industrial and logistics system and sophisticated assembly

Discover the internationally active group of companies ISL Group, as a major optimizer in your value chain. We work with our customers in detail, how our solutions can beat any existing or planned in-house solutions in terms of efficiency, cost reduction and innovation.

With our willingness to invest, we ensure sustainable and future-proof productivity. Fast and flexible action and intense involvement with the current needs of our customers bring us as partners, together, steadily moving forward.
This applies of course to all business segments of the ISL GROUP: ISL AUTOMOTIVE, ISL INNOVATIVE SYSTEM LOGISTICS, and ISL IMMOLOGIS – and it goes without saying, to each of our production facilities. Here we rely on a high degree of integration that allows us to be very close to the customer and to cooperate most efficiently.

For over ten years the independent ISL GROUP is a reliable and stable partner, who always has the prospects and future needs of its customers and partners in mind.

For intelligent industrial and system logistics as well as sophisticated assembly solutions along the entire supply chain:

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